Welcome to my website. I am Maria and I am a motorcycle travel addict !

In 2004, we went backpacking around Peru. I hated the lack of independence, dependant on buses and going from one tourist
town to another tourist town....In a hotel lobby in Puno,on the edge of the lake Titicaca, I saw a motorbike. The number plate was
British. Someone travelling by bike around South America!

We never met the biker. By the time we came back from visiting the floating Islands, the bike was gone. I never completely
forgot that bike, I was already thinking of the possibility of doing a long overland motorcycle trip around South America. I was
not the only one having crazy ideas then... It kept me thinking.

I had been talking for many years about taking a year off travelling. It did not take too much work to convince Alistair!

So that was it.

What else to say. I am French and Alistair is "Anglais". Hence the website name.

We met in 1995, in Paris. Alistair was sent to Paris by his company, for a couple of months. I had finished university and doing  
temp jobs, unable to get a permanent job.  Alistair decided to transfer to Paris.

In 1997 we moved to the UK, hoping for better job opportunities for me in London... we never looked back.