Exploring Southern Africa

We spent four months exploring southern Africa. We shipped our motorbikes from London to Cape Town and back. We completed about 12,000 miles across 7 countries. 

Alistair rode his Honda CRF250 and Maria rode her trusted Yamaha XT250. Our most intense and stunning trip ever! All details in the blog, you can filter for category “Africa Trip” or read the Ride Report in ADVrider (link below).

Russia and central Asia

We spent four months and a good 10,000 miles, exploring northern Russia and Western Siberia as well as Kyrgyzstan. A challenging trip under horrendous weather but some of the most spectacular mountains roads in the world! 
Maria rode her Yamaha XT250 and Alistair his Yamaha TTR250. 
Read all details in the blog. You can filter Posts by selecting the category “Russia / Central Asia Trip” or read the Ride Report on ADVRider (link below). 

London to Mongolia across Central Asia

A 4 months round trip from London to Mongolia and over 12,000 miles. It took us three and a half months to complete. We rode 2 Honda XR125. This was to be one of our most challenging trip for technical difficulties.
All details in the blog where you can filter Category  “Mongolia Trip” or read the Ride Report on ADVrider (link below)

One year around South America

This was our first long overland trip. We flew our BMWs to Bogota and spent a year exploring South America. 

Sadly the blog is not available anymore. It would be a lot of work to rewrite. 

Vietnam on 2 rented bikes

In 2010 we flew to Hanoi and rented two Yamaha YBR 125cc. We explored the northern mountains for few weeks. 

We rented the bikes from Flamingo Travel Hanoi. They were cheap, well used (they had already 60,000 kms on the clock) but we had no real problems with them.