Maria grew up in France, reading the stories of Jules Verne, Conan Doyle’s The Lost World and Edgar Rice Burrough’s Pelucidar, among many. That could only end up one way! Passionate about motorcycling and exploring the world, she easily convinced Alistair to overland on two wheels.

Maria organises the trips, looking after the logistic, planning , paper work, itinerary and preparations. She is also in charge of communications and building the website.
Maria prefers to explore far away unknown mysterious countries. 
She has not found the way to Pelucidar, the Lost World  or Narnya, yet but still trying.

Alistair grew up in Northern England. As a young lad he tinkered with motorbikes, but the northern weather convinced him to move to cars. Until Maria bought her first scooter and he started having fun with it and rediscovered his passion for bikes.

Alistair is the mechanic and prepares all the the bikes before each trip.
He also maintains the bikes and do bush repairs when necessary, once on the road. He also picks up Maria’s bike when she decides to throw it on the floor, usually with the bike upside down in a ditch or sandy trail.  This happens less often these days… still happens though!