Back on the bikes

So we sold the van. Travel by van was not for us, maybe in 20 years time we may change our mind. It has its comfort but also many minus points. And ultimately it is as much more fun to ride our bikes.

So, we are back on the bikes and planning a few weeks test ride across Europe down to the Balkans this summer. Not sure if we can go further afield.

I investigated shipping costs to send our bikes to Africa (Kenya, Namibia and Cape Town) but quotes were insane. That is, when I had a response! You need to take a mortgage, these days, to ship bikes across the world. And buying locally brings its own problems, among which:

  • Finding 2 bikes at reasonable prices and register them to our names (so we can cross borders);
  • Prepping the bikes (long list of stuff to do before we set off);
  • Fit luggage racks;
  • Fit bigger fuel tank?
  • Selling them at the end….

Renting is not a solution either. Again, no crossing borders with rental bikes and stuck to a loop!

So all in all, I am investigating stuff, but we will see. The world is becoming a funny place. I am still exploring ways to send bikes to Africa. Or maybe just go down all the way to Dakar. That is doable as it only requires to cross Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and then Senegal. Could be a short easy adventure there. Let’s see what happens.