Camper van vs motorbike

Travel by camping car vs motorbikes 

Travelling by camper van is a totally different experience. 

On a motorbike, the destination barely exists to define the journey. 

Through mountains, deserts, forests and rivers, over tarmac or donkey trails, what matters is the ride, the challenge. Facing the elements and freezing to death or overheating in my heavy motorcycle gear, feeling the bike like an extension of myself, staying alive despite the crazy drivers , the difficult trail or even the wildlife. Pushing my skills to the limit, overcoming tough trails and stunning mountains roads…. the ups are indescribable … followed also by lows when the weather closes up on us. 

In a van, what matters is the destination. The drive, sitting in my metal box is uneventful. If it is hot we can put the aircon, if cold, the heating, if it rains, the wipers… On the plus side, it provides a comfort that is certainly welcome in the current weather we are experiencing, with insane wind and heavy showers. 

Difficult to make up my mind just yet. I certainly do not miss my motorbike right now, with the violent wind rocking the van and the rain hammering on the roof. But on my bike I would not be crossing Europe in October! I would probably be back to Africa or South America. 

So for now, I keep an open mind. Let’s see how this pans out. But I have more motorcycle trips in me still!