Sunday 19th May – Opatija (Croatia)

The flat owners were a lovely retired couple. Our flat was just an annex attached to the main house. As it was Sunday, their son and his family came to visit them. The son is a biker himself so he came to see us and called his bike mechanic trying to get us a booking.

It was now the high season for motorcycling and workshops are usually fully booked for weeks. So finding someone to attend to my bike on the day and change my handlebar would be tricky.

Anyway, he could not get through ( as it was Sunday) but told us to wait the next morning before going to a random place.

At lunch time we walked to a local restaurant and had some fish. Teh place was busy as it had a playground and direct access to the beach. Kids were having a great time!

Monday 20th May – Opatija (Croatia)

We were given the address of a mechanic, specialised in Kawasaki, that would take our bike immediately.

So, booted and suited we rode there. They would change my handlebar and Alistair could fix my horn.

That same morning the owner of the flat told us we could stay an extra day if needed but was fully booked after that. That was useful as the mechanic had to order a handlebar, which meant that the bike could not be ready until end of the next day.

Changing location using one bike only would have been a pain so it was good we could stay.

Tuesday 21st May – Opatija ( Croatia)

By mid afternoon we had a whastApp message telling us the bike was ready.

Unfortunately the weather was atrocious with heavy rain. We left, 2 up on the Africa Twin, with full waterproofs on.

The workshop was in Rejika, about 20kms away. Unlike the previous day, we took the motorway and avoided the crazy traffic.

150 euros later we left with a new fitted handlebar. It is not a Z650 one, so the position on the bike is much more forward leaning. Not great or comfortable for long rides but it will have to do until we get back home.

We then hit the road again to get back to our flat. The rain turned into a monsoon and we could barely see ahead. It was also getting cold, down to 15 degrees. The clouds descended and it was also foggy. We rode slowly but by the time we got to the flat we were drenched despite the waterproofs.

We hang everything where we could, hoping most would be dry by the morning.

Weds. 22d May – Senj (Croatia) – 80kms

The rain had stopped and it was a bit warmer.

Alistair repaired my horn first thing in the morning. Then we packed. We had decided to move to a less touristic place, a bit further east along the coast.

Finding a nice flat or room for rent was easy. Everyone seemed to have something everywhere.

We got on the road, taking our time as we were not going far. The road was beautiful and very twisty. The area seemed to be very popular with bikers. We spotted many motorcycles clubs, all in their club gear, from Germany, Belgium, Slovenia or Austria.

On the way to Senj we stopped at a supermarket for a rest. A British couple on two old scooters parked near us. They were retired and riding to Istanbul. They were travelling for 3 months. One of their scooter was 50 year old!

We eventually arrived at to our flat in Senj. It was beautiful, a nice kitchen/ living room and a separate bedroom. It had a nice terrace and a big garden overlooking the sea. What else to ask for!

The town was small but very pleasant with many bars and restaurants, a small fort up a hill, and few beaches. The weather was now nice and warm enough.

We stopped by the seafront and had a drink just by the sea. Finally!