Once we left Russia, our trip turned into a Holiday.

We took our time, through Estonia, then an overnight ferry ride to Stockholm. We then rode across to Gothenburg.
Arriving at a hotel there, we were met with a grim scene! As we were unstrapping the panniers, two men in dark suits came out of the hotel, carrying a stretcher with a body in a bag! A couple of cops were in and out… The body was put inside a black van with no markings on it.
A bit puzzling! We found out later that a client had died, but the receptionist assured us it was of natural causes! The next morning we took another ferry to Denmark. From there we took one last overnight ferry to England.
So, we got back home, with both bikes. It did look quite few times on this trip that one bike would not make it back, we were always very determined, and eventually succeeded.
So that’s it. In the last few days we have been visiting family, gone to Wales to pick up the dog, and stopped in Dartmoor to see a friend… At the same time we managed to get interviews and get jobs.
Back to work then for both of us in september. The little XRs are in the shed. It has been an awesome trip, very challenging but beautiful. Maybe at the time we did not enjoy it as much as we should have, with the worry of the bike breaking down all the time. We met great people on the way and found a lot of help.
Now, I was asked what next? Where will we go next time?
Maybe northern america may be on the cards. Maybe buying a couple of bikes in the US and tour thr US, Canada  and Alaska for few months.
I would not mind going back to Russia, the Altai is so beautiful. and of course, my great love: South america! Must return there on a bike!  So, see, many plans, although for the next couple of years we need to work a bit!
I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. Until our next trip …! xx