Frantic last few days!

My work’s leaving drinks came and went last Thursday, I left work on Friday and that was it!

Since then, the last 5 days have been very busy as we managed to source an alternative sprocket for my bike as well as sorting out all our luggage.
The roll bag containing the camping gear (and few other bits like maps, parts of a guide book, fuel bladder etc …) is sorted and weight just under 10kg. In 2014, for our trip to Mongolia, it weighted 12kg, so good effort there.
The panniers, at this stage weight about 6.5kg each. In addition we are fitting a 10l tail pack for the spare parts, on the TTR. We will also carry a small 10l roll bag each to carry the waterproofs and a jumper.
So my estimate would be a total luggage of about 28kg (not sure how much the spares parts weight…. I don’t think we can go lighter that that!
We have also been tidying the house and getting all ready for Ian and Brenda (our home and pet sitters!)  arrival on Thursday evening.
We are now going through the list to ensure every document, spare part, pharmacy, every single item we meant to take with us is ticked on the list. I am a list person. I have spreadsheets for everything!
My bike is now with our mechanic getting new sprockets and chain fitted and checked all over. Too late for anything else as we would not get the parts. It is leaking a bit of oil but nothing major. We will get the bike back this evening.
Meanwhile we finalised the TTR with a small tool box bolted to the top quality frame done by Gabriel (zen overland).
Check out the small tool box bolted to the frame!
Scruffy helping with the bike!
The luggage frame looks solid! Hopefully this will be the only trip I don’t have to spend my time looking for a welder!
So, we are almost ready. Almost….