Infamous in Slovakia

Saturday 1st June – Komarno ( Slovakia) – 180kms

It was time to ride north. Using the country roads we made our way toward Slovakia. Hungary had been great and we loved the country and all the little towns we crossed along the way. We will definitely need or come back and explore further this beautiful country.

Our ride, as usual, was punctuated with regular stops for fuel, coffee and the usual McDonalds for free wifi and drinks.

Eventually we crossed a huge bridge across the Danube and arrived into Slovakia and our stop for two nights: Komarno.

Once sorted in our weird flat we went for a walk. The flat was huge, with the biggest bathroom I have ever seen, empty space mainly. The layout of the flat was the most impractical and strange ever. Two minuscule velus windows, not great lighting. Probably some sort of conversion made by someone who did not use any guidelines or regulations. Plugs were in the most useless locations, kitchen same…. Never seen anything like that!

We wanted to find a path to the river Danube but the railway running along stopped us. Shame. But then the weather was so wet that there were flooding warnings for the Danube, so…

While having a short walk around town another storm exploded above us, and we got totally drenched by the time we took cover back to our flat. Lucky we had an enormous bathroom to hang all our wet clothes!

Sunday 2d June – Komarno ( Slovakia)

Everything was closed except few bars and restaurants. We decided to have lunch out. We walked around town and decided to check the menu at a pizzeria. No menu outside. The place inside was totally empty, few people eating outside in the terrace. We went in and asked the waitress if they had an English menu. They only had one with German translation. With no photos we used Google translate App to translate the text. While looking at the options, the manager or owner came shouting at us. We explained we were looking at the menu but he kept shouting saying “it’s not normal!” So being pretty much thrown out of an empty restaurant! First time ever. Were we supposed to order randomly without knowing what we would get?

Not our loss as we quickly found a restaurant with great local food, a nice terrace, an English menu and a very nice and professional waiter. And a pianist! We had a great time there.

After that we went to digest to our weird flat. But that is not the end of our misadventures in Slovakia.

Later in the afternoon, Alistair walked to the local Lidl for few supplies for a light dinner. On the way back he stopped in a nice park and sat on a bench. Suddenly he saw 3 teenagers running up to some hobo and use a pepper spray on him. Teenagers and hobo then disappeared. Except that few minutes later the hobo looking man came back, running toward Alistair with a brick in his hand ready to strike. Alistair,wisely, decided to leave. The man looked like drunk or on drugs.

Not sure we will go back to Slovakia! Or at least this town. It was rundown, with obvious night ladies about and if kids need pepper spray the place is not that safe!

Monday 3rd June – Lednice – Czech Republic – 190kms.

We kept riding north, still using the little back roads, into Czech Republic and arrived, mid afternoon, to our destination for the night.

Lednice is a small town but very touristic. It boasts a massive 19th century Neo gothic castle set in an absolutely extravagant and huge park. The park is almost 200ha. We spent some time exploring the area. Next to the castle was the biggest greenhouse ever. It went forever!

Tuesday 4th June – Cesky Krumlov – 180 kms (CZ)

Once again we had book a little flat. Still using the small country roads we arrived early afternoon.

We had already been to Cesky Krumlov, a very nice town with a stunning old town and castle and historical buildings. Czechia has plenty of amazing places like this dotted all around Bohemia. Easy to spend a lot of time exploring the region. And like Lednice, in the most minuscule town you can have quite huge castles!

The weather was not improving and a brisk walk to the town centre barely warmed me.