Interlude in Wales and ground breaking news!

We are still in Wales, pet and house sitting for our friend Huw. Then our dog will stay here as we travel to South east Asia between March and July. But my mind is already on the next big Motorcycle trip. It will require a lot of research and preparation. I vaguely mentioned it in my previous post. Maybe I should break the News. This is a trip I had in my mind for quite some time but Alistair was not that keen.

What changed? One of our motorcycle traveller friends is planning this same trip as well. So we will join forces and travel together. So, it is decided, we are going.

We are going to cross Africa by the West Coast, next year. The itinerary to cross Africa is either by the East coast through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya etc… or by the West Coast via Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal etc.. all the way down to Cape Town.

The West coast is notoriously difficult (because of the infrastructure or lack of, and because of the insane red tape!) but it should be very interesting, if challenging. We are already in contact with few people who just finished doing this itinerary and another couple of friends are currently going down the West coast with a slightly modified route. So we are getting very up to date information.

So all in all, our calendar is going to be pretty full for the next 2 years!

As usual, keep tuned here to know what happens next!