Let’s try a bit of travel…..

No matter how much I want to get out on my bike for another overland trip, this is not possible in winter. With far away travel still problematic, we are off on the van instead. After few modifications, to make it more comfortable and spacious inside, and a small revision of the “ living” space , we are ready to go.

So what is the plan? Drive through France first, stopping at my brother’s house, where no doubt we will be treated to amazing wines and great food, as well as top notch company, then south. All the way to the southernmost tip of Spain. I wish I could continue south. Once, before COVID, I started looking into riding south all the way to Cape Town, across the west coast of Africa… hmmm…. Maybe another time?

We will aim to get to Portugal first and explore it as we travel south. Once we hit the Algarve, we will get to Spain and slowly follow the coast all around Spain, up the east side and back to France. Nothing too exciting but after nearly 2 years of on and off confinement, it should be good!

So, passports ready, face masks packed, NHS App loaded, the TousAntiCovid French App loaded and vaccinations codes uploaded there. We should be able to cross the border!