Round Andalusia

From Gibraltar we drove along the fully build up costal highway ( right across every town and “urbanisation “) with residential buildings right by the side of the 4 lanes.

I did not find these settings charming. We decided to spend few days in Ronda, up in the hills. The campsite was close to town so we could walk there everyday. It is perfect and the town is lovely. We decided we could spend the days between Xmas and new year there.

That is until recently, as the weather forecast now predicts up to 2 inches of rain daily! We might have to reconsider Ronda then.

Anyway, from Ronda we came down to the Costa Del Sol. We found a campsite near the beach, obviously full of Germans but also few rare Brits. One afternoon we saw the Brits leaving the campsite all dressed up. We followed half an hour later, intrigued. There was only one place to go: the beach bars. One of them had a singer with a repertoire suitable for the very rare British tourists, majority of which are way beyond 75yo. They still managed to rock and dance and were having a great time!

During this time we had been in contact with friends, travelling around Spain ( staying in flats here and there as they travel by car). They were staying in Fuengirola. We found a large free parking full of campervans. It had no facilities ( other than a tap near the beach) but great views over the sea and just a mile or two from the centre.

We spent 2 days there while catching up with our friends. The weather was pretty cold and very windy. Overnight we felt our van rocking from the wind! On the plus side you could get a drink and a substantial tapa from 1.20 euros in town. What’s not to love about Spain?

The campsites by the seaside are however not that great and wifi is never working! You always have to pay to “upgrade”. I don’t understand how they can say there is free wifi if it never works? One of my pet hates. I am down to asking the similar list of questions that I used to ask in hotels in Russia and Central Asia:

– Do you have wifi?

Does it work?

– Does it work in the room ( pitches for campsites)?

With the bad weather buffeting the Costa Del Sol we decided to go back inland. We are camping near Granada, for few days, as although colder, it is sunny. The camping has good wifi! It works from the van! I am ecstatic as you may guess.

Now, back to find a place nice enough ( and with good weather!) to spend 10 days between Xmas and New Year. Most campings are in the middle of nowhere so it is not ideal. So decision time coming soon.

Update next time I find wifi… that works…. And is free!