The Mary Celeste

Our passage across the Channel on the Friday afternoon ferry certainly felt like the Mary Celeste.

We were alone in our lane, waiting to board. Plenty of lorries in other lanes, but once upon a time, the weekend ferries would have been pandemonium.

Once we parked inside and walked up to the passengers’ deck, we saw plenty of staff, but no passengers. The lorry drivers go to their Special club, so very few wandered to our deck. Eventually we only saw another couple. That was it!

On the plus side, we had no bother passing the border. The French police gave us a paper to display on the windscreen, with a big green square on it. When we asked what it was they said it was to show we were Covid free! We did not even have to show our certificates or anything! Ha well, okayyyy. And no one checked whether we were smuggling illegal stuff, like, you know, milk or bacon!

Years ago, few weeks before Xmas, ferries would have been full of passengers out for some shopping in Calais. No more. Talking to some staff, they confirmed that indeed few tourists ventured over the channel.

After few days in Angers, visiting family, it was time to make a dash to the Spanish border. Bad weather was closing on us and it can get very cold at night in our little van.

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