To the Hook of Holland and into Germany

Monday 13th May – Harwich – 180 miles

We left the house at 2pm. We had the ferry the next morning so we were in no rush. We had booked a Premier Inn by the ferry terminal. By some luck, despite the weather forecast, our ride was dry. Usually when we go away on the motorbikes it pours like a monsoon. So that was lucky.

With a Wetherspoon about 20 minutes walks we went there for a convenient light dinner.

I had bought a sort of gel pad to put on the seat but it was too hot and not making my bike more comfortable.

Unfortunately we ran out of time to test few things. I removed it and put in Alistair’s top box. I don’t think it will have any use. My stock seat is actually not too bad, but I would like to raise a bit the handlebars. With the Z650 I cannot put raisers, so I will need to change the handlebars maybe.

Tuesday 14th May – Breda, Netherlands- 100kms

Our ferry was leaving at 9 am. Motorbikes usually board first as they need to be strapped in specific spots. So we got in at 8:15. With arrival at 5pm, we had a cabin. Alistair even took one with a window, for a small supplement. Great idea.

The crossing was ok as the sea was very flat. I had a snooze, we had a walk around but the ferry was small and had not much on offer.

The ferry arrived at the Hook of Holland at 5pm but by the time we passed the passports control it was easily 6pm by then. After an hour ride in crazy dense traffic with millions of trucks and motorways junctions every few hundred metres, we finally got to Breda and our roadside hotel. It was a Campanile, and fine for one night.

Alistair went to the local Lidl to get some bread and two tins of tuna salad for our dinner.

Wednesday 15th May – east of Koblenz, Germany – 300kms

The ride was just rain and motorways. It was actually rather cold.

On the way, we stopped at a McDonald for a bit of food and use of free wifi.

I had booked a room for the night in a big hotel in the middle of a forest.

The place seemed very popular with retired German cyclists and hikers. The cyclists more often on electric bikes, but lots of hills around I guess.

On the way there, once again we got drenched with heavy rain. By the time we stopped to put our waterproof gear, we were already soaked.

The ride was boring, incredibly busy motorways with millions of trucks trying going all over the place and across all the lanes. I hate crossing Germany on motorbike.