We are off next week!

So we are almost ready! The flat and garden is pretty much sorted. The van is ready. We are leaving later next week. It will take time to shift from motorbike to Van but it is just another mode of transport that will be adequate for winter. I shall miss my little XT250 though.

Instead of buying an awning we got a Gazebo Quest 4. I think it will be more flexible and it takes seconds to put up. We shall see. I have no photos with it as I have not tried it yet.

The dog seems happy in the van, this is his sit above. While we drive he does not move from there. So just few last minutes things to do, like paper work, scan everything important, get all docs in order. The website is fairly different from my previous one and previous blog, so I hope it will work fine with the iPad and I will be able to edit and load photos. We are also taking a laptop as we have so much space in the van.

I have discovered an app called Park4night. It is brilliant as it lists thousands of spots to camp or park overnight with the van, usually free, and sometimes with facilities like water and toilets. So this is going to be a very useful App. I need to load some of their files so I can consult it offline.

That is all for now folks. Next time I post we will be on the road again!